The origins of the gentle art of leadership

Did you learn your foundational values from your early mentors?

They may have demonstrated compassion for others, honesty or integrity.
Dean Phelan and are I writing a book called, The Gentle Art of Leadership. 

We are asking practitioners of the gentle art of leadership about their role models.

They say that people in their early lives, like parents, teachers or a first boss, influenced them.  

Those mentors demonstrated the importance of treating people with dignity and respect. 

Our interviewees bring these foundational values into their leadership practices. 

Is it similar for you?
Your first boss may have demonstrated the importance of integrity. 

Or a grandparent taught you how to set your sights high. 

Your parents may have shown you that it is important to care for those in need in the community. 

Your mentors could have ingrained the importance of keeping your feet on the ground.

No doubt they also challenged you to pay it forward. 

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