A BIG Game is a Good Game!

I am running around the oval the other day, it’s freezing cold, I’m puffing and I notice that my knee is twinging, but I am determined to achieve my 400 metre objective, my current personal best. As I start to puff and pant, I tell myself that the public commitment I made to run 5km … Read more

What we do

Transforming technical experts into leaders who succeed. Donovan Leadership transforms technical experts into leaders. Under our guidance, countless technical experts have developed the skills and behaviours to drive their teams and their organisations to unimagined success. Technical expertise and business knowledge don’t guarantee great leadership skills. Great leaders innovate, inspire and excite. They reshape relationships … Read more

Order Book

There are many books about leadership and definitions of what it is. We believe that leadership is about changing the game, or taking us somewhere we have not been before. Why is it important? A digital revolution driven by technology is changing the game for businesses everywhere. Technology is changing the game whether we like … Read more

Leadership Conversation with Paul Rizzo

The final exclusive leadership conversation for 2011, featured NAB board director, Paul Rizzo. This was another great opportunity to hear a practical view of leadership from a highly respected business leader in the company of other senior business and community leaders. Paul is a distinguished leader who has made a number of significant transitions in … Read more

Leadership Conversation with Simon McKeon

2011 Australian of the Year, Simon McKeon shared his leadership journey and his passion for a more equitable world. Simon provided some valuable insights from his personal experience about how business leaders can make a difference in the corporate and broader community. Simon shared his own leadership journey, the defining points in his career, his … Read more