Are you making your future bigger than your past?

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

Col returned to Australia after several years as a senior executive with global businesses operating at the pointy end of digital transformation. He was hoping to find an opportunity that matched his experience and was frustrated with dealing with executive recruiters who wanted to pigeon hole him into roles that did not match his background.

He was beginning to become despondent, thinking that he would not find a job that offered the excitement of his global experience. He realised that unless he created a future that was bigger than his past, he would slide backwards into a mire of dissatisfaction. He spent some time clarifying his expectations. He was seeking an opportunity to make a strategic difference for a medium sized business. He had a number of conversations with people in the marketplace about who may be seeking the value that he offered as result of his global experience.

It was not long before a contact referred him to someone in their network who aspired to take their business down the path of digital transformation. They could see that Col was exactly what they needed and offered him a role. He went on to make a big difference for them. Col had made his future bigger than his past, even though he could have been forgiven for thinking that nothing could match his previous experience.

You may not be in exactly the same position as Col, but unless you are creating a new future that is bigger than your past, you are going backwards. Perhaps you have changed the game in your area of influence by creating something new and exciting, but now it has become business as usual and you feel stale. Whilst it is a human tendency to gravitate toward comfort, it ultimately aggravates our lack of satisfaction and fulfilment.

Dan Sullivan, in his book, The Laws of Lifetime Growth, suggests that, “In order to make your future bigger than your past, you first have to want and believe that it’s possible to have a bigger future, no matter what stage you’re at in life or what your circumstances are. Often, this belief alone is enough to keep you growing. And often it takes a great deal of courage.”

He proposes ten laws for creating a future that is bigger than your past.

Always Make Your Future Bigger Than Your Past

Always Make Your Learning Greater Than Your Experience

Always Make Your Contribution Bigger Than Your Reward

Always Make Your Performance Greater Than Your Applause

Always Make Your Gratitude Greater Than Your Success

Always Make Your Enjoyment Greater Than Your Effort

Always Make Your Cooperation Greater Than Your Status

Always Make Your Confidence Greater Than Your Comfort

Always Make Your Purpose Greater Than Your Money

Always Make Your Questions Bigger Than Your Answers

Are you making your future bigger than your past?

Best regards, Brian

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