What is the value that you bring?

Most of us struggle to articulate the value we bring to our organisation. Our employment history usually points to our technical knowledge and skills. Maybe it was in systems development or cyber security, large scale projects, or perhaps data and analytics. But whilst your knowledge and skills are good starting points for defining your value, that is not sufficient for a leadership role. Your value as a leader needs to also include the transferable strength that has supported you throughout your career and more than likely, in your life in general. 

However, most of us cannot clearly convey our strength and therefore the value we bring.… Read more

Supplement your strength with a great team around you

Dianne had a great team of people around her. Her strength was that she could paint an exciting vision of the future that inspired her stakeholders to take urgent action. Her team were great on detailed thinking and execution; she could make herself do that if she really must, but it was not her strength. As she advanced in leadership roles, she figured out that she needed a great team to help her play to her strengths if she was to make the difference she knew she wanted to make.Read more

Are you diving when you see the rocks?

La Quebrada Cliffs – Acapulco Tradicional – Tourism Media

Cliff diving is dangerous enough but diving when you see rocks seems like a crazy thing to do. The cliff divers at La Quebrada Cliffs in Acapulco, dive 41 metres into a narrow rocky inlet where the waves swell to a depth of only 4.5 metres for about 5 seconds. It takes the divers about 3 seconds to reach the water, leaving little room for error.They dive when they see rocks knowing that the water will wash in during the time it takes them to descend.Read more

Exceptional leaders practice self-development

Photo by Vladimir Kudinov on Unsplash

The feedback from the business unit clients to the CEO was that they were unhappy with the IT department. Projects were off the rails, day to day operations were patchy and there was no confidence that IT could contribute to business strategy. Grant (not his real name) was the CIO and it was only a matter of time before he was next through the revolving door. Of course, he was equally sure that the clients did not know what they wanted and that they changed their priorities when it suited them.Read more