Do you have your attention on yourself or others?

Photo by Marek Szturc on Unsplash

I was on my way to present to an audience of senior executives when I was suddenly struck by stage fright. What if they don’t like what I ‘m saying, I thought. I called a mentor to get some perspective. “Take your attention off yourself and put it on them,” he said. It was a light bulb moment for me. Once I focused on my audience’s desire to be game-changing leaders, everything changed. My nervousness disappeared and I engaged with the audience in a way that would not have happened before the reset.… Read more

You are better off with good people for a short time than average performers who stay too long

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If you are a game-changing leader, you already know that you need to attract and retain the best talent to work with you. You also know that even if you keep them challenged and you invest in their development, you may still struggle to retain them. If they are talented, they are likely to be highly sought after and you may not be able to provide them with their next career opportunity.

David takes the view that he is better off with good people for a short time than average performers who stay too long.… Read more

Are you practising the art of inclusive conversation?

Image by Schanin from Pixabay 

How often have you sat through a change program briefing session and thought that the key messages are not addressing the fundamental concerns of the audience? While most progressive organisations are committed to improving communication, that often translates into more talking and less listening. A more inclusive style of communication is needed if you are to accomplish your vision to change the game.

When Dan was appointed to his new role, he did not want to fall into the trap of simply broadcasting his vision.… Read more

Who are you spending your time with?

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Faye had lost some of her natural exuberance. She usually turned challenges into fun, but lately life for her had become a drudge. Her colleagues around her were no help. They were all downcast because the company was focused on cost reduction, as growth in the business had flattened out. Senior management were in survival mode and were not interested in her game-changing ideas. Her external support base had withered because of her busy lifestyle.… Read more

Are you co-creating the vision with your team?

Meg’s leadership team produced acceptable results in their respective areas of accountability. But they did not have much interest in each other’s challenges, as they scrambled to meet their own KPIs. Meg knew that if they were aligned on a vision for the group, that they could produce game-changing results. She had her own vision but was reluctant to prescribe it from on high. She had seen too many change initiatives stall because leadership teams had not bought in to a predetermined vision and strategy.   … Read more