Are you learning and growing?

Sunshine – Amelia Wall

A few months into a new job and Kevin was already asking himself how he would know when it was time to leave. It was a question that had come up often in his earlier career. He had moved jobs every year or two, so that he did not get stuck in one job for too long. But he also knew that he had to deliver game-changing results if he aspired to more senior leadership roles. On reflection, he realised that he would only leave his job when he stopped learning and growing. 

Learning and growing is a critical piece of the employee engagement puzzle for Kevin and many others.… Read more

Will it be a year by design or will you work on other people’s agendas?

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Last year was a pretty good year for Christine. She handled some pretty difficult challenges. Her boss gave her good feedback. She is the go-to person who he could count on to get things done. But it had been a stressful year for her and had affected her family life. She had allowed other people’s agendas to determine how she spent her time and she was frustrated that she had not made the impact that she knew she could make. 

Christine was excited to create her personal vision for this year, which included developing and implementing a strategy for her part of the business.She wants to feel fulfilled at the end of the year knowing that she has forwarded her own agenda.… Read more

Are you getting the reward of giving?

Boy at the Ruben Centre – photo via 500 Supporters’ Group

I once asked a senior executive who was involved on numerous boards and charities, how he found the time to do it all. His answer was simple, “I get back twice as much as I put in,” he said. To him, giving was its own reward.
It is a view supported by a survey of 200,000 adults in 136 countries, who answered questions about their charitable donations and happiness. After household income and other demographic factors were taken into account, they received a boost in their well-being from having given in the past month; as high as it would be if they doubled their household income. Read more

What are you most proud of having accomplished this year?

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Are you going crazy trying to finish things off before the year ends? It is all too easy to focus on what is not yet done instead of what you have actually accomplished. A valuable question to ask yourself and others is, what are you most proud of having accomplished this year? You will probably have many things on your list of accomplishments, but there is likely to be at least one that stands out from the rest.Read more

Do you show your appreciation to the people around you?

Gary was someone who would regularly make a point of saying thank you. He showed his appreciation, not just for the task you completed, but also for how you went about it. Importantly, he acknowledged the difference that it made to him and others. I was not the only one who was buoyed to greater heights by his appreciation. Of course, any time he presented me with a new challenge, I was only too happy to take it on.

Francesca Gino of Harvard Business School and acknowledgement from Wharton, found in their research that gratitude does indeed make a difference.Read more