You are better off with good people for a short time than average performers who stay too long

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If you are a game-changing leader, you already know that you need to attract and retain the best talent to work with you. You also know that even if you keep them challenged and you invest in their development, you may still struggle to retain them. If they are talented, they are likely to be highly sought after and you may not be able to provide them with their next career opportunity.

David takes the view that he is better off with good people for a short time than average performers who stay too long.… Read more

Who are you spending your time with?

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Faye had lost some of her natural exuberance. She usually turned challenges into fun, but lately life for her had become a drudge. Her colleagues around her were no help. They were all downcast because the company was focused on cost reduction, as growth in the business had flattened out. Senior management were in survival mode and were not interested in her game-changing ideas. Her external support base had withered because of her busy lifestyle.… Read more

Are you co-creating the vision with your team?

Meg’s leadership team produced acceptable results in their respective areas of accountability. But they did not have much interest in each other’s challenges, as they scrambled to meet their own KPIs. Meg knew that if they were aligned on a vision for the group, that they could produce game-changing results. She had her own vision but was reluctant to prescribe it from on high. She had seen too many change initiatives stall because leadership teams had not bought in to a predetermined vision and strategy.   … Read more

What is the value that you bring?

Most of us struggle to articulate the value we bring to our organisation. Our employment history usually points to our technical knowledge and skills. Maybe it was in systems development or cyber security, large scale projects, or perhaps data and analytics. But whilst your knowledge and skills are good starting points for defining your value, that is not sufficient for a leadership role. Your value as a leader needs to also include the transferable strength that has supported you throughout your career and more than likely, in your life in general. 

However, most of us cannot clearly convey our strength and therefore the value we bring.… Read more

What’s important to you?

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When Chris knocked back a lucrative job offer, his boss was staggered. He thought it would have ticked all the boxes; expanded accountability, opportunities for business growth, personal challenge, to name a few. But he had not understood that it would impinge on Chris’ commitment to integrate work with his young family.

Chris knew that he would have to be available around the clock to respond to emails, join global conference calls in diverse time zones, as well as work on weekends.… Read more