Are you getting the reward of giving?

Boy at the Ruben Centre – photo via 500 Supporters’ Group

I once asked a senior executive who was involved on numerous boards and charities, how he found the time to do it all. His answer was simple, “I get back twice as much as I put in,” he said. To him, giving was its own reward.
It is a view supported by a survey of 200,000 adults in 136 countries, who answered questions about their charitable donations and happiness. After household income and other demographic factors were taken into account, they received a boost in their well-being from having given in the past month; as high as it would be if they doubled their household income. Read more

What are you most proud of having accomplished this year?

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Are you going crazy trying to finish things off before the year ends? It is all too easy to focus on what is not yet done instead of what you have actually accomplished. A valuable question to ask yourself and others is, what are you most proud of having accomplished this year? You will probably have many things on your list of accomplishments, but there is likely to be at least one that stands out from the rest.Read more

Do you show your appreciation to the people around you?

Gary was someone who would regularly make a point of saying thank you. He showed his appreciation, not just for the task you completed, but also for how you went about it. Importantly, he acknowledged the difference that it made to him and others. I was not the only one who was buoyed to greater heights by his appreciation. Of course, any time he presented me with a new challenge, I was only too happy to take it on.

Francesca Gino of Harvard Business School and acknowledgement from Wharton, found in their research that gratitude does indeed make a difference.Read more

Are you doing the thinking that is required to change the game?

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Robert was busy going nowhere. He was drowning in a sea of emails, back to back meetings, performance reports and people issues. It seemed like everything was coming at him; at best, he was just surviving the onslaught. He knew that he needed time to think about the strategic issues that the business faced. But that was not something he could jam into the end of a busy day. Something had to give, so he decided to allocate one day a week for thinking time.Read more

High impact leaders listen first

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Charles dispensed with the PowerPoint talking points he had prepared for the staff information session and asked the audience what they wanted to talk about. He wrote their questions on a whiteboard and worked down their list in a two-way conversation rather than the formal presentation that they had anticipated. It made a real impact. The team were impressed that Charles had spent the time to listen and respond to them, instead of delivering the latest set of key messages about the organisation’s strategy and vision.Read more