Where do you get your inspiration from?

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Drew Houston the billionaire co-founder and CEO of Dropbox learned about the essential difference between effort and effectiveness from the classic book, The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker. In a podcast interviewwith Tim Ferriss he says that he applied the principles in the book when he was transitioning from his engineering/IT training to entrepreneurship. It remains one of his primary go-to references.

Drucker found that the best executives he worked with in his long consulting career had a wide variety of personalities, values and leadership styles.Read more

What evidence are you gathering?

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Students in a University psychology class were given a questionnaire the day after the space shuttle Challenger disaster and their responses were kept on file. They were asked where they were, who were they with and what they were doing when it happened. Two and half years later they were asked the same questions. Despite their confidence that they could recall accurately, most were way off compared with their initial responses. Elizabeth Phelps, a leading researcher on emotionally charged memories at New York University concludes that, “The more we learn about emotional memory, the more we realize that we can never say what someone will or won’t remember given a particular set of circumstances.” 

This study seems relevant as the year closes in.Read more

Do you know what’s really going on?

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Mary’s leadership team had been a high performing group but now they were working hard and not getting anywhere. Mary sensed that they were spiralling downwards and decided to get them together to reset their strategic objectives. But before the strategy session, we interviewed each of them to discover how they currently viewed what was working and what was not in their team performance. They relished the opportunity to say what was on their minds.Read more

Are you surrounding yourself with greatness?

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Dan is constantly seeking input. He is an avid reader and has a wide and eclectic network of people who believe in him. But it’s not all about him. He is focused on helping others achieve great things. He is always interested in my current projects and provides support, encouragement and constructive feedback. Many people have gone on to big things because Dan believed in them, perhaps more than they believed in themselves at a point in time.Read more

CISO Leadership Development Event 26 September 2018

Time & Location

26 Sep, 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Office of Hall Chadwick, 240 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

About The Event


Senior security and technical professionals need people-skills, influence strategies and an understanding of organisation culture and change now more than ever. As the number of cyber threats and breaches continues to skyrocket, information and organisational security is moving quickly on to the strategic agendas of Boards and C-suites world-wide.
This means that technical, risk and security professionals are being required to think strategically, present to the Board and senior managers, as well as influence peers and change the cultures of their organisations.
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