Is your vision and strategy alive and well?

Have you experienced a new vision and strategy being unveiled with a flourish after a senior leadership team planning offsite? Maybe it was followed by a ‘change management’ program, designed to deliver key messages to win the hearts and minds of the broader workforce. More than likely there was no two-way dialogue with employees either before or after the event. Consequently the broader workforce had little ownership of the strategy and it is no surprise that a year or so later not much changed.Read more

Are you developing your talent?

Photo by Anton Repponen on Unsplash

A panel of CEOs at a recent function were complaining that technology leaders do not understand the business, that they talk technology-speak and preside over major project blow outs. I had the opportunity to ask them in the Q&A session what they were doing to build the leadership capability of their technology leaders to address those problems. I was disappointed to discover that aside from some vague ideas about external leadership programs, they did not have talent development on their radar.Read more

You need to stand for something to change the game

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Have you noticed that progress toward a stretch objective does not always go in a straight line? It is like tacking a yacht; you are constantly adjusting your course to reach your destination. Having a stand for a bigger future helps you stay on track.

When Greg was appointed as CIO, he affirmed his conviction that a digital and technology strategy was vital to the success of the business. He also declared his stand to make a difference.Read more

Are you swimming against the tide without a stakeholder communication plan?

The Rip from Pt Lonsdale pier. Photo by Peter on Flickr.

Imagine swimming for more than 20 minutes without getting anywhere. That happened to Ally during the annual swim across “The Rip”, which is a 3.2km dangerous stretch of water at the entrance of Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay. Currents often run in opposite directions to tides, creating turbulent swells, eddies and whirlpools. It is one of the most treacherous stretches of water in the world and has claimed many ships and lives.Read more

Equilibrium is not an option

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I tried walking a tight rope in my gym, but I made the rookie error of looking down at my feet and ended up on the floor. Fortunately, it was only a metre or so from the ground so it was only my pride that was hurt. In the book, “Off Balance on Purpose”, Dan Thurmon explains that an experienced tight rope walker keeps their head up, looking forward to the ultimate goal which is the platform in front of them.Read more