It’s not what happens but how you react to it that matters ~ Epictetus ~

Photo by Matthew Hamilton on Unsplash

Marie was making big things happen in her new role. Clients loved her fresh approach and were delighted with the results that she produced. But, she was beset by a raft of problems when the pieces of the organisation jigsaw puzzle were thrown into the air. She had a new boss and her position and the remuneration she had been promised were now in question. Internal politics were rife, as colleagues competed with her for resources and attention.Read more

Push your environment instead of being pulled by it

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When David took on his new leadership role he noticed that everyone turned up late for meetings and no-one did what they said they would do. His leadership team were not clear about the purpose of the group. It was no surprise that they were at risk of imploding because of poor performance. He had been brought in because of his successful track record as the ‘turn around guy.’

However, he did not arrive with all the answers.… Read more

Shift your perception to change the game

Mrs. John Winthrop, Artist John Singleton Copley 1738–1815
Released under Creative Commons by the Metropolitan Museum of Art

We take our world-view for granted. We incorrectly presume that others see things as we see them. Amy E. Herman takes executives from different walks of life, including New York City police officers, into museums and galleries, not just to look at the art but to talk with each other about what they see, or often more importantly what they don’t see.Read more

Supplement your strength with a great team around you

Dianne had a great team of people around her. Her strength was that she could paint an exciting vision of the future that inspired her stakeholders to take urgent action. Her team were great on detailed thinking and execution; she could make herself do that if she really must, but it was not her strength. As she advanced in leadership roles, she figured out that she needed a great team to help her play to her strengths if she was to make the difference she knew she wanted to make.Read more

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it

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Samantha was in the grip of perfectionism. Nothing she did was ever good enough, at least in her eyes. She often compared herself unfavourably with other people. Her perfectionism had turned her into a chronic procrastinator. She delayed finalising her work because she thought it was not yet good enough for others to see. She tried all the productivity tools, tips and techniques she had heard about but nothing really altered.

She could see her leadership aspirations being dashed if she did not change and she decided to put an end to her perfectionism.Read more